Big Brother

Big Brother

I doubted if I ever wanted to write something about it, but it’s 17 years since I was in Big Brother 1, 1999.

I was not always associated with it in a positive way, especially because of the music industry I was in. But I could not avoid it, I was in the house and enjoyed it. I was young, wild and what did I have to lose? That was my point of view. And looking back on it, it was a time with fantastic experiences.

During a live broadcast, I was chosen to enter the house. No more time to go home, you entered the house right away. Foolish and full of disbelief, I walked into the house with my briefcase. Not knowing what would happen to me in a short period of time.


This was an experience that had a big impact on me. Especially the overkill of media attention. I was invited, after my stay, in ALL popular talk shows, radio shows etc. And you really could not walk on the street without being recognized. At the time, they discussed whether it was responsible to lock up a group of unknown people in a house and leave the house as a well-known person.


For many of us, it has changed our lives. Especially for the main characters in this story. There were different characters in the house. It was for the first time that there were no “actors” but “real” people. The audience could identify with certain types and that became Big Brother’s success.


It indicates that the public wants to see the person as he is. They immediately see through an “act”. Therefore, the remaining contestants, Bart, Ruud and Willem were so successful. They were just themselves.


This is what I also want to learn people in presenting. If you just are yourself, keep your audience entertained and if you tell your message from the heart, then the audience will be at your feet. This also applies to normal life. How often you do not wear a mask, that you don’t show who you really are. Dare to show yourself, we’re just all different and unique!


I have so many stories about Big Brother and could almost write a book about it. But many stories are our personal stories and we only share those with each other. It’s nice that we sometimes talk or see each other.


These people have become very special to me, and I can not ignore that it was a very special event that I took part in.


Thanks Big Brothers and Sisters!