I had several mentors in my life. Someone who helps me on my way or someone who inspires me. But one person who is and always stays very special for me, is Shayan Richet.


I encountered him when I was 18 years old and had no ambition to sing or dance at all. This man believed in me and gave me a nudge,  a huge nudge, into the right direction. Being uncertain about my ability, he gave me the feeling that I could handle everything. His exact words were: “You can do everything !!”. And yes, that lit a fire in me. I learned stunts, archery, spit fire, horse riding. Physically and mentally I was challenged, but the option that something did not succeed did not exist. I found it fantastic and have also done several years of shows with him.


This man, who still gives stunt and horse shows, has a gift to treat animals. He is not afraid to really live and also to make the most out of it.

I know only a few people around me who live so boldly.


I hope for anyone to come across such a person in his life. Where you can think back in times when you feel resistment or when you feel uncertain or think something will not work. I am also grateful to him that he showed how great the world was and that it does not matter what you choose, just that you have to go for it. And what do you have to lose?