In my vocal career I regularly ran into fear. I always thought someone else could sing better than me and was easily intimidated. It followed me for a long time. Everyone has a unique voice and mine is quite low. In some music styles my voice fits better, like jazz and soul. This has been a search of years.


Because of my low voice I struggled regularly with the pitch. I wanted to get those high notes, while that was sometimes not feasible. It became a frustration because I measured myself with others. I fail in this, so they are better than me. What happened because of that fear? Instead of just starting to work on it, what was an option, I walked away. I did not dare to be vulnerable and confront myself with fear. So I could not fail either.


This is what many people are concerned about. Sometimes your fear may dominate your mind, making it insecure. Ultimately fear can hinder you in many things. It can determine your life and affect the choices you make,  missing your chances. To overcome your fears you must be brave. You are the one who creates an unsafe situation for yourself. We are good at criticizing ourselves. “Oh, so stupid I’ve done that,” its easier said than telling yourself  “You have done a good job!”


If you break through, you really feel a lot lighter and free. It took a while before I was over this fear. By trying out many music styles, I found out in which my voice was beautiful, and my voice was greatly appreciated. In the soul and jazz music I found my salvation.

But I learned and now I’m making steps where I stopped earlier. I also try to give myself more compliments. What would be better for myself. I notice that when I feel vulnerable and dare to live my life more honesT, I get more understanding of others, which makes me grow and develop more and more.


While presenting you use your voice, you make yourself vulnerable and many people find it scary. By exploring the possibilities with your voice you become more confident in using it. For example, my “battle” also occurs regularly. Which pitch really fits you, so your voice does not crack and get you effortlessly through a presentation of an hour. How do you not sound monotonous and can you tell a fascinating story?  Your voice offers these possibilities and you can develop it.


Of course, you can encounter a variety of fears before and during the presentation.


What fears do you have? Send me a personal message if you want to share or want feedback about it.