I realized that I did not really make contact with people around me until I got my son. Elliot is now 6 years old and has a moderate hearing loss, and without hearing aids I really need to make contact with him to make sure he has understood what I mean. He can also lip-read, so I always make sure that I articulate well and use my mimic carefully.

It has also strengthened our connection. We often only need half a word. Facial expressions say enough and we sometimes use a handsign.

It’s so nice to really make contact. The other feels seen and heard and therefore opens up, for what you have to say. Elliot even learned to speak faster.

This also applies to presentation. The moment you dare to connect with your audience, they are also more receptive to listening to your story. For example, make eye contact with your audience before starting. Take a look around who is listening to your story today. While your speak, always focus on 1 person and then on to the next. Also really talk to them. For some it’s easier than for  others. But it’s a matter of practicing and being aware of how to deal with someone else.

Try it one day. Start with your neighbors, your partner. And slowly build it up. Really make contact with another, so you will be more in touch with yourself.