Learn how to make genuine contact with your audience and how to deliver your message with impact in a confident and effective way.

“Nothing is more interesting, appealing and captivating than somebody who is authentic!”

From this belief, I’ll help you to discover your personal style of presentation. As a professional presentation coach, I will let you experience, in one-on-one sessions, the freedom and security needed to look for your natural style of presentation. With practical tips and information, we finetune this style and get the best out of it. When you dare to trust this, the rest will go smoothly.

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How do I help you to present better?

What is your story? How do you present this to the outside world? Whether it’s for a potential client or an investor, a good story is important.

With the Q & A method, I improve your natural, authentic style of speaking. Together we work on physical presence, tone, calmness, message and interaction.

A complete one on one coaching package consists of 4 to 5 sessions. 

Depending on your presentation expericence, a custom made package is also possible.

Choose below the package that suits you best.

for (starting) entrepreneurs

During an individual coaching session, I offer you the space and security to discover and perfect your personal style of speech. In addition, I support you with practical tips to truly become a natural speaker.

line management and marketing

For everyone that needs to present a lot in the company, for co-workers, managers or customers. Learn to do this self-assured, but in a natural, authentic way. On a regular basis managers and other staff members are being assessed. Dare to make your department very visible within the organisation. Or keep motivating, fascinating and committing your team, by presenting the right message.

For board members and inspirators

CEO’s often give presentations where a lot is riding on. Important is to have a clear structure of what drives you and what you have learned as CEO.
Through that you connect with your audience and it gets easier to guide them further. A speech contains three elements: content, form and presentation.
With a speech you should not just deliver a message with your audience, it is also the perfect possibility to positively impact your own reputation. Make the listeners see you as leader.


During an individual coaching session, I offer you the space and security to discover and perfect your personal style of speech. In addition, I support you with practical tips to truly become a natural speaker.


Even in these trainings, I consciously keep the group small. This ensures everyone gets the attention they deserve. Theory and practice are interspresed, so everyone can practice a lot with each other.

About Cyrille


Cyrille has more than 20 years of experience in the showbiz world. For example, she played in various musical productions by Joop van den Ende, including Miss Saigon, starring in Rent and in the Broadway Souljam Show with a full American cast.


After that she got instant fame with her contribution to Big Brother 1. She has been able to collaborate with great artists, including Kool & The Gang, where she recorded an album while living in Las Vegas. She has also participated in several international projects and toured around South Korea, Australia and Turkey.


Nowadays she is still active as a jazz / pop singer and regularly performs. Five years ago she completed her education and may call herself a certified presentation coach. She is currently coaching management teams, entrepreneurs, artists and speakers.


  • The collaboration with Cyrille is one from the books. From day one we were on the same page. Cyrille has the gift to make people feel at ease and give their self-confidence a boost. People who have been searching for a job for a long time and have experienced many setbacks, feel they matter after the sessions with Cyrille. You see the confidence growing and that has already led to great results (jobs). Her coaching qualities are excellent. Apart from that she is a great, always happy person, who is always fully committed to her assignments. I can very much recommend her, and if the possibility occurs, will definitely work with her more often.

    -Rene Brink, Trajectbegeleider at Gemeente Amersfoort. Momenteel actief met de 50 + doelgroep

  • “Energetic, with passion and quality!”

    Cyrille makes sure she has a very accessible approach, her enthusiasm will instantly touch you. During the first meeting her passion is imminent, she shows she aims for quality, with her experience and level. With pleasure and fun, but with a high standard.

    -Phillip Mes, European Sales Director at WE Fashion BV

  • “Warm, integrity, straightforward, passionate ”

    As a presentation coach Cyrille has the power to quickly come to what needs improving. She gives valuable tips with that and let’s you stay close to your true self. With you a he will fine-tune the story you want to tell, and make it come to life. 5641

    -Mara van der Ven, Directeur Eigenaar It Fits - Human Protection Group

  • “Strong, optimistic, dynamic, charming ”

    Cyrille is a very strong coach and I have experienced the collaboration as especially efficient and pleasurable. For me personally a bit too much geared towards the stage, but super professional.

    -Jochen Runkel, Excecutive Vice President Omnichannel at PVH Europe

  • Cyrille is a charismatic coach who, with a lot of empathetic abilities, positive energy and capacities, helps people to present themselves as good as possible.

    Her down to earth approach is very effective and her sense of humor makes that people are not afraid to make mistakes during practicing. I can heartily recommend her.

    -Toine Priem, CEO / co-founder at InControl Group

  • “Energy, positive, curious, supportive, trust...”

    I have worked with Cyrille and followed her afterwards as she further built her career. She has a wonderful spirit, great human skills and a natural understanding for other people’s need which allow her to adapt and tailor her coaching approach. She has impressed me and has been a great support.

    -Stephane Haot, Senior Partner at Carlisle Management

  • It’s beyond pleasurable working with Cyrille. She knows how to improve your presentation skills every time. With that, she understands the art of having those skills connect with your authenticity, with who you are and who you would like to be. Cyrille quickly comes to the point with handy tips and specific advice . A true coach who will quickly make you feel comfortable, giving you faith and enthusiasm through her natural charm. Cyrille does that in a very passionate, sincere and involved way. I am happy to recommend Cyrille as a presentation coach.

    -Marc Bindels, Board member of the Amarant group

  • “I was given the opportunity to share a bit of my life story combined with an idea worth spreading for a TEDx event. It was needed to dig deep to have the courage and not sound monotone. My first tryouts were flat, missing passion/feeling and dedication. It was clear that I needed help. I found my help in Cyrille who taught me to give color to my presentation and push boundaries. After only 3 sessions with Cyrille I evolved from a boring speaker to an almost natural. The end result was beyond what I had dare to dream. It went perfectly and came with many compliments. All my gratitude goes to you Cyrille! ”

    -David Wauters, Senior Manager International, ICT, Tommy Hilfiger

  • “I can not present. That thought always came in my mind for a presentation. The uncertainty, the fear of being judged, was about. It began when I had to present a number of teachers at high school. I thought they had a negative picture of me and I did not dare to do my story. Much later I found out that this was not true at all, it was my thoughts. I resisted myself here. At this moment, I often have to present my work. I do this with great pleasure. I have overcome my fear thanks to my presentation coach. By Cyrille, I realized that I knew what I wanted to tell. It's all in me, I know my story. She not only made me realize that I can be confident in a group, but I can do more than I thought. Now I can share my story with my customers, in my unique way. I have learned that self-awareness and control, from someone who shares her passion experience, can make a person blossom. That's what Cyrille did for me.”

    -Fatima Ouazref, Product Developer Harver B.V.

  • “Cyrille van Hoof is a fellow presentation coach with an incredibly sharp eye for how to make a presentation fascinating and attractive. She understands the art of raising a speaker over himself without losing his safety. She has a charming, engaging coach style that she gains instant trust. Cyrille is a fantastic colleague and an asset to the relatively small group of professional presentation coaches that is rich in the Netherlands.”

    -Arold Langeveld, Eigenaar Speaking Happens en hoofddocent van de School voor Presentatiecoaching

  • “Cyrille helped me to really take a step further with my presentation skills by means of very practical tips and good coaching. I found it very clear that she herself has a lot of experience with presenting, and so I took her tips right away. I gained more confidence and received more pleasure in presenting it.”

    -Willemijn van Selms, Senior Recruiting Coordinator Bain & Company

  • "Cyrille already identifies strengths and improvement points after a few minutes. This allows her to put the right focus during coaching."

    -Toon Overbeeke, Associate Consultant Bain & Company

  • “Cyrille dares to get you out of your comfort zone, making you move your boundaries. She helped me to believe in me again and show her "no bullshit" attitude that I can feel free and confident in unexpected situations too.”

    -Eva Johnston- Serrarens, Musical Artiest

  • “The coaching sessions of Cyrille made me more aware of my way of communicating and presenting. I can now build my strengths better and make my story stronger. I now have more fun in presenting for a big group!”

    -Charlotte Eijsvoogel , Associate Consultant Bain & Company