For (starting) entrepreneurs


First we start with a core message. This will be the base for your whole presentation that can be used on your website, your commercials, your pitch, your story to the outside world.

With your story you become visible, so of course presenting will be included here. Centred in my coaching sessions is the Q & A method, which improves your natural, authentic style of speaking. Next to this I will also give you practical tools that you can put to use immediately to get quick results.

Not everyone that starts as entrepreneur, or already is one, has a lot of presentation experience. But eventually you will have to make new contacts, where your story will come up. Don’t let performance anxiety or stress stop you from doing this. I will give you exercises and handles through which you’ll present more confidently and there’s hardly room for stress. You learn to accept that it is there and can let go easily.

This package will give you one of the foundations your business is built on. From here you can develop further.

A complete one on one coaching package is four to five sessions. The option to be coached in small groups of 3 to 4 persons is also possible. Before the start of your sessions, the total number will be agreed upon.

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