Line management and marketing

In package two the possibility exists to be coached in groups of max 10 persons.

  • Here also we work at the content of your presentation. From the core message, to affirming the build-up of a presentation, to a series of presentations, to your pitch. Storytelling is also part of this.
  • Your story makes you visible, so presenting will definitely be part of this. Whether you want to present a new idea or introduce a new work plan. You want your managers to embrace your idea or collaborate to introduce your new work plan. That has to be done with conviction, but also with a certain enthusiasm so they’ll be motivated. Next to improving the natural speech style we also work on posture, tone, voice etc.
  • A complete one on one coaching trajectory consists of 4 to 5 sessions. Being coached in groups of maximum 10 persons is also a possibility. Think for instance about a sales team that need to prepare and do a presentation together. Before the trajectory starts, the number of sessions is agreed upon.

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