I’m inspired!


The event “ Inspiration 36 “ was in the Ziggo Dome yesterday, where 4 great speakers were given the floor and shared what they are doing and what makes them a success. Richard Branson, Bear Grylls, Anita Elberse and Al Gore.


How did I get inspired?
By seeing that these people give themselves the present to learn, to explore, think out of the box and to dare to take huge risks with the chance of gigantic failure. Just being afraid to become mediocre, not to be seen and heard. In all of us there is a Richard Branson or a Bear Grylls, but not everyone dares to take the path they commit to.


Not everyone has the need to be so successful. For everyone, success has a difference value too, fortunately. Anita Elberse tells us that you only get very successful if you take big steps and just stay mediocre by taking small steps. I believe that does indeed work if you want to be very successful. Still, it depends on what you want and who you are. Perhaps for you, that one step is a big step, while for another that step means nothing. I believe in making steps big or small. These steps will ultimately bring you the result you’re looking for.


Making the different steps depends on how your mindset is. Do you feel obligated to take a step or do you need it or are you open to take a step to improve yourself, to learn something. Satisfying your curiosity and eagerness to learn, always want more and no matter what level you’re on, there’s always room to grow and get better in everything you do. Isn’t that a good starting point?


As a presentation coach, it is nice to observe what works and doesn’t during a presentation, also with top level speakers. And there too I noticed some things. Except with Al Gore. What a charismatic man that feels extremely “relaxed” on stage. That makes him so attractive and engaging to listen to. He worked towards a climax that ended in a standing ovation for this man.


But I found it difficult to follow Anita Elberse. She had a good pace and I found it fun, but because of the fact that it was a stream of words, I had to make an extra effort to understand her. If there were more commas and points, I could cath on my breath too. I also took the time to settle the information. And so I actually noticed some points of attention she could work on. I hope she will ever read this blog. I know she’s open to learning and getting better. Yes, even better, because she’s already good, more than good. In substance she was fantastic. I’m going to deepen in who she is. And who knows, can I ever coach her…


Ps: Thanks for the nice evening Niels Houtepen! I would love to come back next year.